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Who We Are - The Best of Everything

Companies need someone they trust to navigate a world of ever-changing technology, shifting regulations, and complex maintenance needs.


Beabout Brock Easley is dedicated to being your guide: a manufacturers’ representative helping producers and customers succeed in challenging environments. But it’s not enough to just have help; you need someone with experience, who knows what they’re talking about.


What sets our sales team apart is the same thing that makes us invaluable to our customers; our sales team is made up of engineers and industry veterans who don’t just sell solutions, but also understand them.


Partner with an attentive, service-driven sales team that brings you the technical expertise you need to help your business thrive.

Industries We Serve

Oil & Gas

Water & Wastewater

Life Sciences

Food & Beverages

Metals & Primaries

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Beabout Brock Easley

2679 Main St. 

Suite 318
Littleton, CO 80120

(303) 795-1000

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We serve as the vital link between manufacturers and customers, turning our staff’s decades worth of expertise to your advantage.


Our goals are simple: introduce our manufacturers’ products to the people who need them and enable our customers to make smart equipment purchases.

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