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Your Industry is Changing. We're Ahead of the Game.

Meet the companies that trust BBE with their good name.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

We are proud of our sales staff and their accumulated decades of experience, degrees, and certifications. But they go beyond what they’ve done in the past.


Our staff keeps up with developments in the industries they serve, maintain memberships in professional organizations, and study issues on the horizon to make sure they are there to help you respond when the job suddenly changes.


Here is a selection from our library of white papers to help you keep abreast of news from your sector.

Manufacturers We Represent

Three factors set BBE apart from the rest: our expertise, our dedication to service, and our longstanding collaborative relationships.

The manufacturers we represent trust our team to speak for them, and we value that trust. Beyond their business, these manufacturers allow our team to learn constantly through their innovative products that meet challenges in the field.

Here you can find our line card featuring the manufacturers who help us excel.

Anderson Greenwood:

Over 50 years of research, design, and manufacturing experience have made Anderson Greenwood the industry leader in instrument valve technology. Their products are offered with multiple configurations, materials, end connections, and are designed to be maintenance free.


AUMA Solutions:

AUMA has been manufacturing valve actuators for over 50 years and is a major supplier of electric actuators and gearboxes to water, power, oil & gas, and industrial markets. AUMA’s actuators are capable of operating all types of quarter-turn valves and multi-turn valves. Actuators can also be used to operate dampers (louver, guillotine and diverter) and can be furnished for both open/close and modulating service; integral motor controls and control accessories are available to interface with a wide variety of plant control systems.

Auma Solutions Logo


Ayyeka offers innovative solutions allowing industrial users to ensure compliance and boost efficiency through low-cost, easy-to-use remote monitoring solutions. Connect your asset and infrastructure networks to data systems without new software.

Ayyeka Logo


Biffi is an industry leader in actuator manufacturing and innovation, providing operators the world over with a comprehensive line of standard actuators and the ability to create custom actuators for your team.

Biffi Logo


Boreal Laser uses cutting-edge laser-detection technology to provide gas detection in situations where other solutions fail. Boreal products work for a broad range of toxic, hazardous, combustible, or greenhouse gases.

Boreal Logo


Bruest Catalytic Heaters has worked for decades to further its mission of providing natural gas heaters for high- and low-pressure pipeline applications, helping to ensure “wellhead to burner tip” protection.

Bruest Logo

Cash & Kunkle:

Det-Tronics protects high-value and high-hazard facilities worldwide with certified SIL 2 capable fire and gas safety systems used by oil & gas producers, LNG facilities, and wastewater storage locations.


Det-Tronics protects high-value and high-hazard facilities worldwide with certified SIL 2 capable fire and gas safety systems used by oil & gas producers, LNG facilities, and wastewater storage locations.

Detector Electronics Logo

Cash & Kunkle:

Det-Tronics protects high-value and high-hazard facilities worldwide with certified SIL 2 capable fire and gas safety systems used by oil & gas producers, LNG facilities, and wastewater storage locations.


Electrolab produces high-quality, high-temperature electronics from their facility in the heart of Texas. Their rugged, accurate, and reliable level measurement and sensing devices are trusted throughout the Oil & Gas industry and others across the country.

Electrolab Logo

Entech Design/Echo Smart:

EchoSmart is a line of high-quality, reliable sludge level monitors for wastewater and drinking water, as well as industrial thickeners and clarifiers made by Entech, who have been a leader in underwater ultrasonics since 1991.

Entech Design Logo


When you need modular coil hook-ups for your HVAC applications, Flo-Pac is there with their complete line of purpose-designed components. Offerings include automatic balancing valves, manual balancing valves, stainless steel hose kits, & accessories.

Flo Pac Logo


The Valtek and Kammer valve lines offered by Flowserve are made to handle tough, hazardous, or sensitive applications. Along with their analog and digital positioners, they offer reliability, longevity, interchangeable parts, & more. With new additions of Automac, Argus, Automax, and Durco, Flowserve has products for all applications.

Flowserve Logo

Koch Heat Transfer:

A full-service partner supplying standard and custom equipment, Koch Heat Transfer works with refineries, chemical companies, and other industrial facilities worldwide, working from R&D to engineering and manufacturing.

Koch Industries Logo

Master Flo:

Master Flo has manufactured over 100,000 choke valves and, with each piece, has become the expert in sizing, custom trim, and material selection. Lower costs and optimize production with their application-specific valves.

Masterflo Logo

Moore Industries:

When it comes to the design and manufacture of instrumentation for process monitoring and control, Moore Industries is a trusted global leader. They are expert makers of rugged and reliable rail-mounted and field equipment, signal interface and conditioner products, and beyond.

Moore Industries Logo

Optimized Process Furnaces:

Optimized Process Furnaces (OPF) has been providing high-quality, direct-fired, process heater applications since 1972. OPF combines experience and innovation to give you the best product possible.

Optimized Process Furnaces Inc Logo


Protego has designed, engineered, and delivered flame arresters, valves, and tank equipment to their customers since 1954. Their global services include research & development, application-specific engineering, system design, and safety awareness training.



S—Can focuses on the design, engineering, and manufacture of a broad range of digital sensors for on-line water quality measurement and analysis. Users everywhere count on their innovative, simple, and easy-to-use solutions.

S-Can Logo

SOR Inc:

SOR has a 75-year history of producing dependable and durable solutions directly from their award-winning shop. Along with their range of products to control pressure, level, temperature, and flow, they also engineer custom solutions.

SOR Logo

Sierra Instruments:

Sierra Instruments designs and manufactures high-performance flow controllers and flowmeters for nearly every application involving gas, liquid, or steam. They offer great and responsive support for their solutions.

Sierra Logo


Stream-Flo uses clean, contaminant-free, closed-loop hydraulics to power and control the actuation component of its self-contained Emergency Shutdown System, which means that it requires no flow-line pressure, compressed air, gas, or electricity.

Stream Flo Logo

VRC Protx:

VRC Protx is a globally-trusted name in process safety, automation, and instrumentation. With their combination of a range of valve technology backed up by factory-trained and certified technicians, they provide critical safety services.

VRC Protx Logo

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