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Trust Your Good Name
to Us

BBE and our staff of engineers are uniquely capable of selling your products and services.

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Expert Representatives

BBE has, for over half a century, developed lasting relationships with manufacturers who rely on our ability to understand their products and translate that technical information for the benefit of their customers.


Our staff of salespeople are also engineers with advanced degrees, years of industry experience, and continued membership in professional organizations. We don’t just have a background of knowledge, we are always studying to stay ahead of the curve.


The people who represent you in the field also reflect on you. When you trust your reputation to our staff, we ensure that your customers are left impressed by you. For us, the end goal isn’t just to sell you something: we want to empower you and your team to make fully informed decisions that transform your business.


Put our decades of experience to work for you, and rest easy knowing your business is well-represented.


Our team boasts a number of specialists with experience in a wide array of sectors. We’re able to offer thorough, knowledgeable, and meaningful service to customers working in industries including:

Oil & Gas

From flow rate monitoring equipment and valves to storage tanks and separator stations, we represent a range of manufacturers serving your diverse needs.

Water & Wastewater

Whether you need a simple valve or a complex monitoring system, BBE not only brings you the array of items you need, plus a service staff with the skills to support you.

Life Sciences

Improving the quality of life for people and animals across the world requires specialized equipment and support BBE has the invaluable knowledge you can count on.

Food &

Working in food and beverage production or distribution is easier with expert support that gets you the products you need, helps you meet regulations, and manage your margins.

Metals & Primaries

Work conditions are often testing, and you need equipment that can withstand the rigors of your day-to-day job. BBE brings you that and the expertise to make production safer and more efficient.


It’s not just you who relies on the products we carry and expertise we’ve earned: homes, businesses, and sensitive infrastructure count on the grid that you maintain, and we’re proud to stand behind you.


Highly technical equipment and machine parts are crucial to the life-saving innovations you produce. BBE doesn’t just bring you what you order, we identify solutions and support your team all the way.


Beabout Brock Easley

2679 Main St. 

Suite 318
Littleton, CO 80120

(303) 795-1000

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Superior Service

For us, our job doesn’t end when your order is fulfilled, but instead continues, building on our relationship.


If it weren’t for the years we’ve spent working closely with businesses throughout the Rocky Mountain region, we wouldn’t be capable of what we are today. We couldn’t offer the level of service we pride ourselves on, because we know that your needs go further than a product or a replacement part. When equipment needs maintenance, when regulations change, or when you need to retool your workflow you need a dedicated service provider who knows you and your industry.


BBE and our sales team knows what you need because we’ve been in your shoes. These deep ties give us a unique advantage in bringing products to customers that need them, opening new markets for you and spreading the word about everything you do. That’s why we do more than take your order, we partner with you to keep business going as the world changes.

Partner with the team that has stood behind companies throughout the Rocky Mountain region for over fifty years.

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