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More than a Century of Combined Expertise

We are here to simplify your experience.

Expertise, Sales, Growth
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Our Story

Beabout Brock Easley was created from the merger of the Brock, Easley and the Beabout companies. Each organization had built a reputation over the course of fifty years for outstanding service and technical expertise.


In 1970, Bill Easley left his family’s business in Houston to join his friend and former co-worker Len Brock in Colorado. There they eventually formed a working relationship with the family business run by Jim Beabout (pronounced “Be-about”).


That relationship grew out of a base of shared values: honesty, integrity, communication, and always remembering that our success is inextricably tied to our customers’ success.


Those are the values that drive our relationships with our customers and our interactions with one another. By giving you honest service, individual attention, and by embracing our ability to constantly improve, we became a company people enjoy working with.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer industry-leading products and unmatched knowledge combined with attentive, responsive, and tireless after-sales service and support.


We’re dedicated to being a company people enjoy working with—both for the products and service we deliver and the way we treat our customers.


Through our work, we cultivate an ethos of responsibility and accountability, taking ownership of our role as your representatives. We strive to reduce the risks of operation to all our customers.

Our Team

Jim - Headshot

Jim Beabout


Lindsey - Headshot

Lindsey Beabout


Eric - Headshot

Outside Sales Manager

Justin - Headshot

Valve Product Manager & Sales Engineer

Pat - Headshot

Patrick Behm

Sales Engineer,


Don - Headshot

Don Dart

Sales Engineer, NM

Dan Bauserman - Headshot

Dan Bauserman

Application Engineer

Under Construction

"Your Name Here"

Industrial Water/Wastewater, Sales Engineer, CO

Scott - Headshot

Scott Scheider

Inside Sales Manager

Paula - Headshot

Paula Johnson

Application Engineer

Jade - Headshot

Customer Support

Melissa - Headshot


Kyle - Headshot

Sales Engineer, UT, NV

Tory - Headshot

Sales Engineer,


Alex - Headshot

Alexander Freeman

Application Engineer

Darrell - Headshot

Darrell Smith

Application Engineer

Dan Braun - Headshot

Dan Braun

Oil & Gas Sales Engineer, ND,WY

David Bryant - Headshot

David Bryant

Oil & Gas Sales Engineer, CO

Brody - Headshot

Brody David

Application Engineer

Tyler - Headshot

Tyler Pfannenstiel

Application Engineer

Sam - Headshot

Sam Walker

Service Technician

Meet Our Team
Beabout Brock Easley Logo

Beabout Brock Easley

2679 Main St. 

Suite 318
Littleton, CO 80120

(303) 795-1000

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